Organized in 1966, the Seven Valleys Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of Callaway and the surrounding area.
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The museum

In 1970, the Seven Valleys Historical Society purchased the Historical Medical Building with the vision of making a Museum. Over the years, this building housed a Doctor’s Office, Café, Funeral Home, Bakery and Appliance store. Through the acquisition of many donated and loaned items, both levels of the Museum were soon filled with historical displays. A second building, the Annex, is located across the street.

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

The church was built in 1890 at a cost of $1,500. In 1894 a tornado knocked the church off its foundation. It was later moved a block west of the original site. The last services were held in 1982 and in 1995 the building was given to the Village by the Episcopal Diocese of Omaha to preserve as a Historic Landmark. In turn the Village leased the church to the Historical Society.   

First Courthouse of Custer County

The cabin was built in 1876 on the Young Ranch, 7 miles East of Callaway. It was used for early official Custer County business before Broken Bow was designated as the County Seat in 1882. In 1933, it was moved to beautiful Morgan Park in the heart of Callaway and used as the Public Library until 1960 when the space was no longer adequate. The Log Cabin is Village property under the auspices of the Historical Society and was renovated in 1999.

The Annex

Across the street from the main Museum building is our Annex. This building is home to many larger items and displays. Some of the areas of interest include Railroad, Farming, School and Special Interest memorabilia. All displays have easy access in this ground level building.


The Museum is open daily, various hours and for all major events going on in the Village. Learn more below or contact us by phone or email.