Annex Updates This Winter

Volunteers were busy this past winter and early spring creating new displays and updating existing ones.  We are also trying to label many of the items on display to make tours more interesting and educational. Your next visit to the Annex should be a pleasant surprise. Besides "tidying up" some displays, we have created a whole new area of Callaway Public School trophies. The trophies are now shown in vertical display cases according to years and are much more visible. We also have a section of Oconto sports items located in the ole' Barber Shop!!!   And the biggest project has been to build a second level above the antique buggy and wagon display for some larger items. This second level is a work in progress but the items to display there should be in place by late spring. It is our goal to keep displays fresh and updated so visitors will want to return. The Annex now has commercial grade fans to keep air circulating making it a more pleasant place to tour when the summer temperatures heat up.  We should soon have a large outdoor sign on the Annex depicting the location of the Seven Valleys, the long ago rural Schoolhouses and the location of area cemeteries. The new sign will be a great addition to our Museum.

Other Museum news---We have been promised that the new sidewalk entrance ramp at the Main Building will be completed early this summer. We are all excited for this to become reality, not only for those entering the building but also to make it easier to carry display items into or out of the facility. The Military Room has had a facelift to better show case the uniforms. Other areas have been or are being updated as time permits.

Please stop in and check out the progress of the ever changing displays depicting our local are ALWAYS welcome!!!